In this series I explored various digital media using digital and analogous cameras to record pure colors rendered on computer and mobile screens. Each photo has been taken following a defined procedure: a pure color (i.e. red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, black or white) has been rendered on a screen, recorded with a macro lens, re-displayed on the same screen, recorded, and so on.

Depending on display quality and the number of recursions the procedure imagary turned out to vary greatly from what was expected to be pure red, green or yellow, thus rendering random abstract patterns from some of which the original color can hardly be infered.

What I was mainly interested in was the generation of some kind of opaque, self-referential photographsm taking their path away from what photography is usually expected to deliver as a narrative or documentary medium referring to 'something' that has been there in time and space: the subject.

Eizo pure green, Recursion 1

Eizo pure yellow, Recursion 1

Eizo pure red, Recursion 3

Eizo pure magenta, Recursion 3

Eizo pure yellow, Recursion 3

Sony pure white, Recursion 1

Sony pure white, Recursion 2

Sony pure white, Recursion 3

Sony pure black, Recursion 1

Sony pure black, Recursion 2

Sony pure black, Recursion 3

iPhone pure red, Recursion 1

iPhone pure blue, Recursion 2

iPhone pure green, Recursion 3

Eizo on ADOX CMS20, No. 7

Eizo on ADOX CMS20, No. 11