Lifelong dreams / habitats

Ever since my youth, I have been passing by a shell, which stood out for its opulence and its boastful appearance. Towers with bay windows, a generous extension for garages and a large plot revealed the lofty intentions of the original client. But something seemed to have gone awry. The ambitious building never got a facade, the window caves remained empty. This house probably kept this condition for over thirty years.

By accident I discovered during my trips through the northeastern Lower Austria and the adjacent Czech region, that these unfinished buildings were not an isolated phenomenon. I started interviewing acquaintances for buildings of this or similar type in their surroundings.

Whether houses at different stages of completion or remote swimming pools, all objects had in common that they had never been completed, at least for a period of twenty years each. Rarely have I had the opportunity to talk to the owners of the properties, interestingly, they always seemed to apologize for their condition ...

Nodendorf (Austria), 2014

Hevli­n (Czech Republic), 2014

Roehrabrunn (Austria), 2014

Stronsdorf (Austria), 2014

Wartberg/Krems (Austria), 2014

Unknown (Weinviertel, Austria), 2015

Hauskirchen (Austria), 2015

Rannersdorf (Austria), 2017

Jedenspeigen (Austria), 2017

Mistelbach (Austria), 2017