Via Dolorosa

The short film "Via Dolorosa" reflects different aspects of pain, using accident crosses as the starting point. The music written for four-part choir, string quartet and percussion is formally and sonically a reference to the Christian motif of the Way of the Cross, which - in its original form - included seven stations analogous to the number of segments of the film.

At the same time, portraits of people killed by traffic accidents are presented in the form of a photographic installation in seven pools (each one in turn containing seven liters of water). The function of the water here refers on the one hand to its "cleansing" and "pain-relieving" effect, on the other hand, the transient nature of the pain is to be symbolized by the gradual dissolution process of the color pigments.

The presentation as three-dimensional objects as well as the dimensionality resulting from the reflections of the water surface are also to be understood as an expression of my interest in overcoming the dimensional limitations of the photographic genre.

Via Dolorsa 1 - 3: film stils from chapters 1 - 3 ("Spera", "Inclusio", "Dolor mundi")

Via Dolorosa 4 - 6: film stils from chapters 4 - 6 ("Stabat mater", "Humilitione", "Cruciatu")

Via Dolorosa: film stills from the chapter seven ("Redemptio")

Video Soundtrack:

  1. Spera
  2. Intermezzo
  3. Exclusio
  4. Intermezzo
  5. Dolor mundi
  6. Intermezzo
  7. Stabat mater dolorosa
  8. Intermezzo
  9. Humiliatione
  10. Intermezzo
  11. Cruciatu
  12. Intermezzo
  13. Redemptio

Via Dolorosa - exhition display #1: seven pools with portraits of people killed by accidents.

Via Dolorosa - exhibition display #2: seven pools with portraits of people killed by accidents.